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a comprehensive guide to the past and current style of America's first female vice president

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On the pandemic, specifically its effects on American woman, and her nomination as a 'Woman of the Year':
"‘You are strong.’ Vice President Kamala Harris has a message for American women,' via USA Today, 3-26-2021
On the very last days of the 2020 campaign, the events after the Biden/Harris victory, and her already historic future:
"Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris on the Road Ahead," via Vogue, 1-10-2021
On the 2020 election cycle, Biden's nomination, his selection of Kamala as his running mate, the Biden/Harris campaign, win, and hope for the future: 
"Time 2020 Person of the Year: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris," via Time Magazine, 12-11-2020

About her and Joe Biden's first post-election interview on CNN:
"'No fake news:' Biden and Harris sit down for a 'very normal' interview with Jake Tapper," via CNN, 12-3-2020

On the white pantsuit she wore during her historic acceptance speech:
"With Kamala Harris, the White Pantsuit Is Back Where It Belongs," via Vanity Fair, 11-13-2020

On her historic election:
"Kamala Harris makes History as the First Woman to Become Vice President," via Vox, 11-7-2020

For her plans to help small businesses, the importance of voting, and her love of Converse sneakers:
a video via Complex, 10-26-2020

On her subdued fashion choices, especially at the Vice Presidential Debate:
"Kamala Harris’s Debate Fashion Statement Was Subtle by Design" in Cosmopolitan, 10-8-2020
For a profile of the final months of her vice presidential campaign:
"Kamala Harris on the Power of Optimism" in Elle, 10-2-2020
For a tribute written by poet Tracy K. Smith on the day of the vice presidential debate:
in Vouge, 10-7-2020

On her relationship with cooking and food, by Emily Heil:
"For female politicians, talking about cooking can be fraught; Kamala Harris is breaking that mold, too" in The Washington Post, 8-26-2020
For a rapid-fire Q&A:
a video via Now this News, 8-23-2020
For the significance of her signature pearl necklaces,
"Kamala Harris’s Pearl Necklace Has Deep Symbolism That Goes Way Beyond Politics," in Vanity Fair, 8-17-2020

For a list of her Washington, DC haunts:
"Kamala Harris Is No DC Newcomer. What Has Her Life Looked Like Here So Far?" in Washingtonian, 8-17-2020 

For a detailed look at her parents lives and their effect on her,
"How Kamala Harris’ immigrant parents shaped her life — and her political outlook," in Mercury News, 8-11-2020
For a chronicle of her presidential campaign:
"Kamala Harris Is Making Her Case. But Can She Stand Out in a Crowded Field?" in Time, 10-14-2019
On her black college experience:
"Kamala Harris grew up in a mostly white world. Then she went to a black university in a black city." in The Washington Post, 9-16-2019

For a detailed look at her record as District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General of California:
"The Unknowable Kamala Harris. The complicated career of a self-proclaimed progressive prosecutor," in the California Sunday Magazine, 8-22-2019 

On her childhood school experiences, and the comments she made about them against Joe Biden in a primary debate:
"How Berkeley’s busing program changed Kamala Harris’ life — and the presidential race," in The Mercury News, 6-28-2019
For her Glamour "Women of the Year" profile:
"Kamala Harris is on the Rise" in Glamour, 10-2018
For her daily schedule, including her typical breakfast, exercise routine, travel tips, and work ethic:
"How I Get it Done: Kamala Harris" in The Cut, 8-28-2018
For a look at her Senate career, especially her work to protect DACA:
"Kamala Harris Is Dreaming Big" in Vogue, 3-19-2018
For a profile of her Senate campaign:
"Kamala Harris, a ‘Top Cop’ in the Era of Black Lives Matter," in the New York Times Magazine, 5-25-2016
For a profile written by director and friend, J.J. Abrams when she was California's Attorney General:
"V.F. Portrait: Kamala Harris" in Vanity Fair,  6-21-2013